Face To Face Tutoring

To support the literacy development of children, we provide face-to-face tutoring in a traditional format.  These explicit, multi-sensory lessons last one hour, and provide:

  • Phonology and Phonological Awareness Instruction,
  • Phonics (sound-symbol association of the English language),
  • Syllable Instruction
  • Word Analysis and
  • Spelling instruction.

The delivery method is often described as:

  • Simultaneous, Multi-sensory,
  • Synthetic and Analytic,
  • Systematic and Cumulative,
  • Direct Instruction; and
  • Diagnostic Teaching.

The methods are:

  • Drills (Visual, Auditory, and Blending),
  • New Concept Introduction;
  • Reading in Context;
  • General or Cumulative Spelling
  • Rote Memory Words
  • Review and Reinforcement of previous concepts to achieve mastery.

As dedicated and energetic tutors, we deliver highly interactive and engaging Orton-Gillingham lessons to children. This multi-sensory, sequential, and structured approach has been proven to be highly effective in teaching kids who struggle with reading.  We make the lessons fun — kids like to come! 

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