Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship

To gain funding for OG tutoring, the Jon Peterson Special Needs scholarship (JPSN) is perfect for students that are homeschooled or enrolled in a private school. JSPN is a scholarship administered by the Ohio Department of Education.

Generally, any student who has been identified as a child with a disability and for whom the district has created an individualized education plan (IEP) qualifies for the JPSN scholarship program, however the child gives up the right to a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) once the JSPN scholarship goes into effect.  In short, this means they cannot attend a public school.   By applying for the scholarship, you can provide your child with Orton-Gillingham instruction in addition to their private or homeschooling.

A child is eligible to apply to participate in the program when the child is eligible to enter school in any grade from kindergarten through twelve.  There are two application periods annually. The first application period begins in February and ends on April 15th. Scholarships awarded to this group of applicants will be for the full school year. The second application period begins in October and ends on November 15th. Scholarships awarded during this second application period will be awarded for half of the school year (January 1 through June 30).

Finally, parents of eligible students must first register with a participating Peterson Scholarship Provider.

Please contact Kim Raderstorf at (614) 746 – 6361 or for more information.