Online Tutoring

To support parents and kids who learn best online, we provide online OG tutoring.  These explicit, multi-sensory lessons last one hour, and provide:

  • Phonology and Phonological Awareness Instruction,
  • Phonics (sound-symbol association of the English language),
  • Syllable Instruction
  • Word Analysis and
  • Spelling instruction.

The delivery method is often described as:

  • Simultaneous, Multi-sensory,
  • Synthetic and Analytic,
  • Systematic and Cumulative,
  • Direct Instruction; and
  • Diagnostic Teaching.

The methods are:

  • Drills (Visual, Auditory, and Blending),
  • New Concept Introduction;
  • Reading in Context;
  • General or Cumulative Spelling
  • Rote Memory Words
  • Review and Reinforcement of previous concepts to achieve mastery.

As dedicated and energetic tutors, we deliver highly interactive and engaging Orton-Gillingham lessons to children. This multi-sensory, sequential, and structured approach has been proven to be highly effective in teaching kids who struggle with reading.  We make the lessons fun — kids like to come!

Parents will receive an email prior to each lesson, containing materials necessary for the lesson.  The parents print out the contents of the email, and then mail or scan and email the worksheets after each lesson.

Listen to a free 30 minute parent webinar on Orton-Gillingham. Click here.

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